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Tommy Daniels - Founder of CCi

Tommy Daniels Bio Pic.jpg

Cambodia Corps would not exist were it not for Tommy Daniels.  Tommy deserves a well earned “atta boy” for all that he accomplished.  He recognized the need, he conceived the idea, traveled to Cambodia, navigated a foreign bureaucratic system, raised the funds, and then recruited the students.  After which he assisted graduates in finding employment with key NGO’s and encouraged their “networking” in assisting others within the community to follow in their footsteps.  Thanks to his efforts there is now a solid foundation that we can continue to build upon in our effort to help the Montagnard help themselves.  We are grateful for all that he accomplished and hope to continue his success.

The program that he established, seeking out poor but capable students from the remote areas of NE Cambodia, where many of the loyal Montagnard sought refuge after the Communist takeover of Vietnam is the only non-government organization (NGO) dedicated exclusively to their education.

Drawing upon the desire of many veterans and civilians who knew of the Special Relationship between Americans and Montagnard and their wanting to “give back” for the loyalty, service and sacrifice we received, Tommy designed a program to help the Montagnard help themselves.  It is a simple concept.  Award scholarships to bright but impoverished youth who will commit to using their education to help their people.

The need is great.  The Montagnards of Cambodia are the most illiterate and impoverished people in South East Asia.  In addition, development and unscrupulous outsiders threaten their culture, way of life, and seek to expropriate their communal lands and resources.  Tommy’s vision was to create a cadre of educated youth to mitigate their plight and enable their culture to survive.   The success of Cambodia Corps speaks for itself and for Tommy’s commitment to America’s most loyal ally.

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