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Educating The Indigenous Youth

Through the CCi scholarship program, our mission is to educate poor but motivated youth who will return to their

community and utilize their training to help their people.

Building Leaders & Teachers

Secondary Education

We provide a safe secure home for our female students while they attend high school in the province capital.  This encourages more students to enroll in school and helps overcome the attitude that girls do not need an education.  We encourage students to further their education through vocational, technical or university studies.

University Education Program

    Those who qualify to continue       their education at college level are   given complete support: tuition, fees,      books, room  & board, clothing and         transportation.  Housing is in our           Indigenous Student Center 

Helping other NGO's

Non Government Organizations (NGO's) like CCi are all that stand in the way of extinction for Cambodia's Montagnards.  Our program is the only one providing other NGO's with educated indigneous employees to increase their effectiveness.

Bottom Line

Graduates bear enormous responsibility and bucking change is risky. There are no grants for higher education in Cambodia; we depend entirely on individual donors. Our Directors are Vietnam War veterans, who serve CCi uncompensated. Only our in-country manager is salaried. 98% or more of revenue is dedicated to student support.

GIVE BACK TO our Friends

Where they come from

An Ancient Ecology, Concious Culture

To exist in that foreboding terrain and harsh climate and ensure the survival of subsequent generations, the Montagnards shaped their lifestyles around sustaining all renewable resources.


Brief History, Vietnam War & Oppression

As a freedom loving and largely Christian people, Montagnards fought with U.S. Special Forces and were America’s most dependable ally.


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