Student safety has played a large part in the success of our program.  

Students must travel long distances to attend school.  The government provides no safe housing, 

therefore we have two projects with student safety and study in mind.


 Col Max & Mary Newman visit ISC

        Indigenous Student Center

To provide safe housing and a sense of community for our students, as well as a meeting space and visitor center, CCi rents a building in Phnom Phen.  There are dormitory style rooms for the students, room for visitors, and a shared kitchen.

There is also a common room which functions as a classroom, meeting area or reception room.  In addition our in-country manager has an office to conduct business.

                   High School Project     


The home provinces of our students have only one high school located in the Capital city.  Travel from village to school is impractical.  Their families cannot afford local housing. In 2012 we began renting a safe house for female high school students.  This enables us to recruit capable candidates from remote areas and evaluate their abilities while still in secondary school.  It enables the student to decide if they want to apply for a college scholarship and commit to serving their community.  We believe it helps to enhance the CCi program overall.

       Ban Lung High School girls 2015-2016