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Meet Our President and Directors


Michael "Max" Lund - President


Max has had a long involvement with the Montagnard of SEA.  Beginning with his early assignments in 1968 as an advisor and continuing through ’71 with the Ethnic Minorities ministry.   In 1976, he sponsored three young men who had escaped during the fall of VN and became refugees.  He has made numerous visits to North Carolina to the Montagnard community where there are many of our former counterparts and friends and was a part of the effort to bring the last two groups of resistance fighters to the US in ’86 and ’92.

Max’s involvement with CCi began in ’06 thanks to Tommy Daniels.  He has been a Board member since ’07. He holds a bachelor's degree from Northern Michigan University in Business and has worked as a Court Administrator, merchant mariner, and saloonkeeper. Now retired, Max spends his time in Northern Michigan in his home town of Alpena, or at the cabin in the Upper Peninsula.  He and Carol spend winters in Cambodia staying in the Student Center enjoying the company of Maren and our students.


Lewis F Grissaffi - Director


As an advisor to Vietnamese artillery supporting security for the many different Montagnard hamlets throughout the highlands, Lewis served and lived among the indigenous people.  He was impressed by their simple honest life.  From that experience, he was determined to do what he could to help the people who had welcomed him into their homes without regard to their own safety or future.   Over time, Lewis has traveled to Phnom Phen, witnessed the work of CCi, and saw firsthand how the program functions.  Later becoming part of the organization and contributing to its operation.

His military experience took him on assignments throughout the central highlands from PleiKu to An Khe to Cheo Reo. 

Lewis is from Dallas Texas where he attended Highland Park high school and North Texas State College.  Eventually entering the construction trades, he is now retired and living in San Diego California.

Lewis continues to be active in veteran affairs in the Vietnamese and American communities as well as his commitment to the Montagnard people.

Rich Webster.png

Richard Webster - Director


Richard has been a supporter/ board member of Cambodia Corps since 2005 when he first traveled to Cambodia representing Church World Service to investigate the treatment/status of the Montagnards escaping from Vietnam to the UNHCR refugee camp in Phnom Phen.  He has personally sponsored 5 students throughout the years, several of whom have attained prominent positions back in their home provinces of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri.

Webster is a former low vision specialist/orientation and mobility specialist working with the visually impaired at the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired in Jacksonville, Illinois. He has a BA from Illinois College in English and an MA from Western Michigan University in Special Education f/t Visually Impaired.  He is a Vietnam Veteran having retired from the US Army Reserve with a rank of Major in 1993.  Webster served as a Mobile Advisor Team leader with the Regional Forces/Popular Forces in Vietnam in 1968/1969.

He is also the public affairs officer for Counterparts, a US Veterans Association of Advisors and their Counterparts who served with Allied Forces in the Second Indochina War.

For the past 15 years, he has visited CCi on a yearly basis and many of the students in their home province to provide support and encouragement to the many young Indigenous Montagnards who have attained leadership positions in their home communities.

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