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Why Cambodia?

Cambodia is located directly west of Vietnam.  Because of Cambodia's role in the Vietnam war, many Vietnam veterans have dedicated their lives to helping Cambodians bounce back from the war-stricken living situations they are plagued with.​  CCi's area of focus are the two provinces of NE Cambodia, Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri

Why do we continue to help the Montagnard?  They were our faithful allies.  After we abandoned them when Vietnam fell, they lost their freedom, their traditional homelands and their way of life.  In the words of Mike Benge, former POW and human rights activist;  " Montagnards of Vietnam's Central Highlands were recruited by the US Special Forces to fight Vietnamese communists during the Vietnam War.  Some 61,000 Montagnards, out of an estimated population of 1,000,000, were used as surrogates for US forces and fought alongside the Special Forces in epic battles.  In doing so, they rescued countless Americans, including pilots, crews, and others.  More than half of the Montagnards' adult male population was lost fighting with and for the Americans.  Without their sacrifice, there would be many more names on that somber black granite wall in Washington DC -- the Vietnam Memorial.

We had no ally during the Vietnam War more dependable and steadfast.  Only a handful of Montagnards were able to escape when the communists took over Vietnam in April 1975.  

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