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our Indigenous Youth

We are a small but effective organization.  However, we can always use additional help.  If you would like to share your talent please contact us.  Publicity, speaking to groups, fundraising, assisting our Board are some of the needs, but you may have ideas of your own.   Contact us, let us know.
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Visit our Indigenous Student Center

in Phnom Phen, stay in one of the        dormitory-style rooms.  While there,    engage the students in conversational  English.  You'll be helping them learn English as a Second Language.  They will love it, and so will you.

Traveling to Southeast Asia?

 Col Max Newman ESL lesson

  Viet Nam Vet who worked with the Montagnards?  Tell us your story, we want to remind everyone of the special relationship between 'Yards and Americans.  Or let us help you tell the story to your Veterans Organization and community.

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