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1. The Montagnard (Indigenous people) of South East Asia are the poorest, most illiterate     and consequently have more health probelms than any other region.

2.  Rapid changes in South East Asia have threatened to eliminate a culture and way of life known to the Montagnard (Indigenous people) and render them helpless in a world in which they cannot compete

3.  Your support will create an educated cadre of leaders to protect and preserve their culture.

4.  Your support will build a force who will become participants in deciding the future of the highlands.

5.  Your support will develop force multipliers - those who can influence greater numbers through their education and training as teachers, health practitioners, etc.

6.  Your support will give back to those who risked their lives, homes, and families serving alongside Americans during the conflict in South East Asia.

7.  What started out as a way to give back to those who supported us has turned into a much greater humanitarium mission, much larger than ever anticipated.

8.  Already, the support we have given to the Indigenous people has resulted in more than 300 kids attending high school, and 39 college graduates.

9.  Of the nearly 350 students who have been supported by our program, every single one has returned to their community to uplift and educate their people.

10.  Graduates have greatly increased the effectifness of other NGOs (Non-Governmental Agnecies) through their knowledge of local language, culture, and customs.

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