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Mission Statement/ Vision Statement

To educate poor Montagnard youth through scholarships,

helping the Montagnard help themselves.

A Montagnard Community with an equal voice, able to determine their own future.


Some 61,000 Montagnards, out of an estimated population of 1,000,000, were used as surrogates for US forces and fought alongside the Special Forces in epic battles.  In doing so, they rescued countless Americans, including pilots, crews, and others.  More than half of the Montagnards' adult male population was lost fighting with and for the Americans.  Without their sacrifice, there would be many more names on that somber black granite wall in Washington DC -- the Vietnam Memorial.

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  Changes have happened more rapidly in the last five                    years than in the past 100 years!

Donate Today

Last year, operating expenses equaled less than 2% of our budget, leaving 98% of your donation to directly benefit and support your students.

Our directors serve uncompensated and pay all of their own expenses involved in Cambodia Corps.

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 For more about the culture and way of life, see "Why Cambodia"


 The Cambodia Corps logo is an image of the Kouprey, a wild ox, the national mammal of Cambodia, native only to that region of the world.

fforFormore For more about the culture seeaboutmaoe

Creating Leaders, Teachers, Advocates 


Giving back to America's greatest Vietnam War allies: 



Indigenous People 

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